Welcome to Kesäkatu!

Welcome to Kesäkatu!

Kesäkatu is a covered street combining the two blocks that make up Valkea.

Kesäkatu is Finnish for “summer street”. As its name suggest, you will enjoy a warm shopping experience regardless of the weather. This unique space is an ideal meeting place and venue for events. Anyone can organise a public event here! As an event organiser, you can use the stage as well as the open street area. In line with its agreement with the City of Oulu, the Arina Cooperative Society is allowed to lease out commercial facilities on Kesäkatu. Arina is the developer of Valkea. A delightfully diverse group of operators serves locals and visitors along Kesäkatu, a public space open for all. To ensure an enjoyable experience for everyone, a group of young people drew up rules for all users of Kesäkatu as part of a youth work project.

In order for everyone to be able to enjoy the atmosphere on Kesäkatu:


  1. Behave in a manner that enables everyone to enjoy their time in the shopping centre.
  2. Follow instructions and requests from shopping centre staff.
  3. Litter is intended for the litter bin.
  4. Do not damage property.
  5. Anyone behaving in a disruptive manner may be removed from the area, if necessary.

On Kesäkatu

La Torrefazione
Bacardo Doppio
Jungle Juice Bar
Spice Ice

Organizing an event on Kesäkatu?

Kesäkatu is a meeting place and venue for events for everyone. The events are coordinated by the Valkea Shopping Centre. The events calendar permitting, all useful and delightful events are welcome. The shopping centre will charge a fee for commercial events according to a separate price list. The suitability of events is considered on a case-by-case basis. Event technology management is subject to a separate fee.

Contact information:

Shopping Centre Assistant
Maria Moilanen